Emergency Cover for the Jubilee Weekend

Over the Jubilee Weekend our private and plan patients may use the Oxfordshire Private Dental Emergency Rota. The on-call dentist can be contacted on 01865 238438. For more details see our Emergencies page. If there is any issue contacting the on-call dentist please call Dr J Jugdev on 07590843450 or email us on info@thirtythreedental.co.uk, this is checked regularly.

COVID - 19

You will no doubt have heard of the lifting of the remaining Covid-19 restrictions in England from the 19th July 2021. However, we must inform you that this lifting of restrictions does not apply to Health Care providers such as Dental Practices. We can understand your frustration with this but we at Thirty Three Dental must operate within the rules laid down by the Department of Health in order to maintain some control measures to keep everyone secure. We are told this is because emerging mutations of Covid-19 are more transmissible than previous variants and people visiting the practice may be contagious without knowing it. In addition, many people are not vaccinated against Covid-19, and so cutting down on instances of viral transmission remains very important.

We are sure that you appreciate that under normal conditions our dental practice maintains a high level of cleanliness and cross infection control. Under the recent pandemic we have placed a few extra precautions in place such as pre-screening all of our patients and visitors, a controlled flow of you journey through the practice, extra levels of PPE and increasing air flow in the surgeries with open windows and an air purifier. Some of our patients are shielding and/or are still anxious about attending, we would like to reassure you that you are not alone and we understand. If you do not wish to attend but have concerns about your dental health please let us know and we can give you telephone advice.

If you have an emergency please contact the practice on 01993 772655 and we will arrange an appointment for you. If you are not normally seen at Thirty Three Dental we may still be able to see you depending on appointment availability, this will be on a private basis and will cost £51 for the consultation and further treatment will be charged at our regular fee rate. Please see our investment guide.

Thirty Three Dental

Here at Thirty Three Dental we take the time to get to know you personally and find out what you would really like in terms of dental care. We strongly believe that you dental well-being is essential for your whole body health and treat you as a whole person.

We value each patient as an individual and are proud of the service we are able to offer. We take time to explain all treatments that are appropriate to you and help you make decisions about your dental health. We practice minimally invasive dentistry meaning that we aim to preserve your natural teeth and support your health. We are not amalgam free though  we place the old fashioned metal fillings very rarely opting instead for tooth coloured fillings that bond to and blend in with your natural teeth.

Our goal is to offer each and every patient an experience that exceeds his or her expectations - combining excellent clinical skills and outstanding customer service in an atmosphere that is warm, friendly and relaxed.

We look forward to helping you achieve the feeling of well-being that comes when you know that your mouth is healthy and your smile is attractive.

Last updated 1st June 2022

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