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This is only a guide. If you require treatment you will be given an estimate of the costs. We also offer our own Thirty Three Plans that allow you to budget for any treatment that you may require. Click here for details.

Investment Guide June 2019

Initial (New Patient) Consultation           £93.50*                                                    

Regular Oral Health Exam                     £48.00*

Child Oral Health Review                       £23.50 (or NHS if appropriate)                                                                

Small X-ray                                            £16.00*                                                                                         

Hygienist Appointment                           £57.25*                                                                     

Tooth Coloured Filling                   From £108.00                                                              

Root Fillings                                  From £344.00

Extractions                                             £132.00

          *included if you join one of our plans                                                                      


High Quality Yellow Gold               From £640.50                                                           

Porcelain Bonded to Gold             From £576.25                                                       

Ceramic (Metal Free)                    From £576.25                                                              

Veneers                                         From £520.50                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Tooth Whitening                          From £331.50

Lightening of a single dark tooth or of all the teeth in your smile zone


Dental Implants                            From £2800     

A full estimate for your implants will be provided on an individual basis                                                                                          

Partial Dentures

Plastic                                            From £640.50                                                                                    

Metal                                              From £1186.50                                                                                    

Full Dentures

Plastic                                                     From £1071.00                                                                                

Injection Moulded Precision Fit Acrylic   From £1613.50                                

Child and Adult Sports Guards (Gum Shields)  From £103.75

Hypnotherapy, Homeopathy or Acupuncture          £76.50 per session