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Samantha’s Story

I thought the best way to explain how powerful this treatment can be was to share with you my own experiences of headaches and how my own dentist helped me out.

Since being a teenager I had always experienced headaches at the most stressful times i.e. GCSEs and A levels but only at these times. During university I started getting headaches on a daily basis from the moment I woke up and the only relief I found was when I went to sleep again at night. The pain was mostly round the temples but on really bad days I also had ear ache, eye pains and from under my lower jaw. I knew I had been grinding my teeth because my teeth felt battered first thing in the morning but this is not something that a lot of us are aware of even though most of us grind at some point in our life. I accepted that I had daily headaches but some days it was so bad that my vision was affected, I even had to have a couple of days off university at one point.

At dental school I had had a soft splint made which is a bit like a sports mouthguard only thinner. It gave me relief for a couple of days until I had bitten through it or worn it out. I decided enough was enough so I went to see my dentist. I was fortunate because he worked with a dentist who is renowned in the dental world for teaching on occlusion (the way we bite) and headache treatments and my dentist also knew how to help. My dentist made me a hard splint that allows my teeth to move freely and my back teeth to come apart, as they are supposed to, whilst I am grinding at night. I found the splint comfortable and it fitted snugly onto my lower teeth. I had my first great night’s sleep in quite a while and when I woke I had no headache. Wow...this was amazing!

A few months later my dentist decided that I was right for adjustment on my teeth (though this is not appropriate for everyone) so there was no interference when my teeth move side to side and forwards. After this I rarely have to wear my splint and I rarely have headaches. I still do get them from time to time but only when I am really stressed and they are nowhere near as severe as they used to be. This was life changing treatment for me.