Since my teenage years I had experienced headaches at the most stressful times eg. A-Levels etc., but only at these times. During university I started getting headaches on a daily basis from the moment I woke up and the only relief I found was when I went to sleep again at night. The pain was mostly around the temples but on a really bad day I also had ear ache, eye pains and from under my lower jaw. I accepted that I had daily headaches but some days it was so bad that my vision was affected. I even had to have a couple of days off university at one point.

At dental school I had had a soft splint made which is a bit like a sports mouthguard only thinner. It gave me relief for a week or so until I had bitten through it. I decided enough was enough so I told my dentist what was happening. I was fortunate because he worked with a dentist who is renowned in the dental world for teaching occlusion (the way we bite) and for headache treatments and my dentist also knew how to help. I had a hard splint made that allows my teeth to move freely and my back teeth to come apart, as they are supposed to do, whilst I am grinding at night. I found the splint very comfortable and it fitted snugly only my lower teeth. I had my first great night's sleep in a long time and when I woke I had no headache! Wow....this was amazing!

A few months later my dentist decided that I was right for adjustment on my teeth (though this is not appropriate for everyone) so there was no interference when my teeth move side to side and forwards. After this I rarely have to wear my splint and I rarely have headaches. I still do get them from time to time but only when I am really stressed and they are nowhere near as severe as they used to be. When this happens I wear my splint for a few nights and my muscles relax and the pain goes away.

This was a life changing treatment for me!

Last updated 15th June 2023

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