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Do you suffer from headaches? Did you know that your headaches could be originating from the way you bite your teeth together. Teeth clenching or grinding at night can cause the muscles that support your jaws to go into spasm and cause a pain in the following areas,

Pain around and behind your eyes and forehead

Pain around your temples

Pain in front of your ear and around your jaw joint

Pain at the back of your neck and shoulders

Pain from the teeth

You may have noticed that we routinely screen for tender muscles at your complete dental exam appointments. However, If this sounds like you please let us know, we have a simple method of diagnosing the problem over a two week period and are able to offer  you a long term solution in being able to relieve those headaches that are associated with your teeth.

If you don’t believe it can work Samantha would like to share with you her own experience of this treatment (Click here).