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Have you ever felt so deeply relaxed and comfortable or absorbed by what you were doing that you forgot where you were and the world around you disappeared? This is a state of trance which we use in hypnotherapy.

This amazing state can be used to your advantage for many reasons. In dentistry we can use this to simply make you feel more relaxed, help with any anxiety, quit smoking, manage pain and even promote healing.

At Thirty Three Dental we offer hypnotherapy to help with dental procedures. Samantha will gently guide you into a deep relaxation where you are completely in control, feeling comfortable, safe and happy. In this hypnotic state she will help you visualise whatever is needed to help you and work with you so that you can practice and repeat this experience for you at home.

Samantha can even help children through this process. Children are great at using their imaginations and this can be used to great advantage by use of relaxation and stories.

Just close your eyes and imagine...