Thirty Three Dental

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We recently carried out a survey on 122 of our patients. They were chosen at random and given the questionnaire as they attended for their dental reviews.

We asked:

Did you understand what care and treatment you received today?

Did you feel cared for and valued?

Is Thirty Three Dental clean and well presented?

Would you recommend us to friends and family?

We received a resounding Yes to all of the questions from 100% of people who filled in the questionnaire. Thank to all who participated and we endeavour to continue to live up to these standards and expectations.

We also invited people to comment which we would like to share here:

“Always very welcoming.”

“Greatful for all the time taken today.”

“Very much cared for and valued.”

“Would definitely recommend.”

“Excellent quality of care from dentists and Heather.”

“Very pleasant reception staff.”

“Already recommended to friends.”

“Really put at ease.”

“Very happy with the service.”

“Really good.”

“Makes it an easy experience.”

“Excellent service and care. Thank you.”

“Very good.”

“Nice cup of tea.”

“Fantastic service and customer care always!”

“Fantastic practice feel very loved and welcome.”

“Always happy to come.”

“1st visit - very impressed.”

“Always recommend to friends.”

“Excellent service. Thank you.”

“Great with children.”

“Yes good. Let’s me know what he is doing.”

“Very friendly and excellent and good with children.”

We welcome any comments whether bad or good about Thirty Three Dental. We are open to suggestions on how to improve. In fact one patient complained that the dental light is too bright, which is a common problem, and suggested dark glasses. We now provide dark glasses for everyone.